General Portrait Information

            What to wear?  Keep it simple and classy!  It is recommended to have outfits complement each other and follow a color scheme, but not be completely matchy-matchy.  You can try neutrals, complementary colors, colors from the same family (like shades of blue).  A ton of patterns are distracting, but also some small accents are good.  Solid colors are wonderful.  Please, absolutely no writing on shirts.  Be careful of your shoes!  Make sure they look nice too because they will be included in your photos! Try to think: this photo going to be on my wall for many years.  Still can’t figure it out?  Check out Pinterest or google search “family picture outfit ideas” or something in that category.  Bring extra clothes if you are in doubt.  I’ll help you pick out outfits that will look great for photos.  Also, consider having a fresh haircut/shave (guys) or having your makeup/hair styled that day (not necessary, but nice)!

            Glasses: if you have contacts, please wear them if you feel comfortable in them.  If you have transition lenses and we are shooting outdoors and you have another pair, please wear the other pair.  Tinted glasses hide your eyes!  We can tilt glasses a bit to reduce the flair (light reflection). 

            How long?  Around one hour for a full session.  If we get several great shots and poses and it takes less time, then we can wrap it up early!  In one hour, we should get plenty of awesome shots!  Mini sessions take 20 minutes and have already been set up before you get there.  Some specialty sessions such as newborn or senior sessions can take longer-up to three hours.  

            What can I choose from for my backgrounds or surroundings?  I can set up a studio in your house which is great for smaller families and produce very clean looking photos.  If you have a large family, however, a studio set-up might be very difficult due to space.  We can go outdoors-parks, streams, barns, and open fields!  You tell me your style and I will try my best to deliver your dream photos! 

            What time?  When shooting outdoors, “golden hour” is the hour during and after sunrise and before/during sunset.  I try to get as close to this as I can.  There can be some modifications made if we are before/after this special time.  I sincerely discourage mid-day sessions because of the harsh light and resulting harsh shadows on your face and the sun making you squint.  This is why I try my best to schedule at certain times of the day.  I love sunrise shoots.  They have some of the most beautiful light!  (Just thought I would throw that one out there!)

            What if my kids act crazy, my mother in-law is in the middle of a sneezing attack and everything just falls apart?  I will schedule with you to reshoot one other day.  I will not reschedule for outfit choices.  

            Speaking of crazy kids… please remember to be patient the day of the shoot.  I will try my best to distract, redirect, and to get a good smile! I can bring suckers if mom says it is okay!  I’m not against bribery!  Kids can be mischievous and stubborn when that camera comes out.  Patience…

What if I’m late (the client)?  That time will be taken out of your shooting time. 

            What if I need to reschedule or we are having bad weather? I would sincerely appreciate as much notice as possible for a cancellation.  I understand emergencies arise.  If it is bad weather, we will re-schedule.  If you are unable to reschedule, please realize that your retainer fee is non-refundable.

             A $50 retainer fee is due upon scheduling and your date is considered held when I receive payment.  The rest of the shooting fee is due the day of the shoot.  I accept cash or check, made to Jessica Rogers, please.  


             If I have not covered something and you have questions, please e-mail  I will answer you as soon as possible.   

             I look forward to hearing from you!